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6 must-have apps for 2017


Whenever we got a new phone, we are very much eager to which apps are useful and which we should avoid. The article is all about those apps which you must have on your smartphone. So keep reading.

1. Evernote: 
Evernote is a multi-Tasker amazingly brilliant tool. It can manage your list, arrange your notes, record voice, webpage clipper and also a to-do manager. One the most exciting feature of Evernote is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The device will make the contents of the picture searchable. Whenever you have a picture of something, and you want to search the content, then the best app to do the job is Evernote. The application is free. However, the premium version is billed monthly.

2. Google Drive:
We consider the Google Drive is also like many other cloud storage service. However, it is completely not this way. As the Google drive gives the users opportunity to not only store, edit and share their files but also let you do all of this offline. It is a free app and can be downloaded from play store. However, you have to pay the fee if you want to have extra space.

3. LastPass:
Some people are terrible at remembering any password and thus always found themselves in deep waters. If you are facing the same issue and want something that manages your passwords securely and efficiently then waits no longer as the password manager LastPass app will do that for you and it is entirely free. The app securely generates and protects the passwords. Another amazing feature of this app is that it stores all of the personal information you provided and thus assist you whenever you have to fill any personal information form.

4. Netflix:
Who does not like entertainment? Well, we all do, but what if you can have this entertainment option on your phone? The entertainment got doubles. Netflix is your one-stop shop to find all movies and TV shows. It not only provides you entertainment but also give you the opportunity to watch your favorite move offline after downloading it. The app is free for the first-month use and after that subscription charges at the rate of $7.99 per month charge for the user.

5. NordVPN:
You must be wondering what VPN can do for us? Well, it is although a relief most of the antivirus companies successfully protects you from harmful malware and viruses, but what if you connect your mobile with a public Wi-Fi? Our mobile becomes prone to virus attacks and malware. NordVPN is a virtual private network that will provide you protection. Furthermore, it also gives you the access to the content restricted in your region. To take advantage of the Nord VPN, you have to pay $ 8 fee monthly.

6. Pocket Casts
What could be more frustrating than being unable to share or sync your podcast between devices? Most of the apple users face the similar issue. But now the android users also enjoy the podcasts and sync them between various devices.
By using the latest podcast app pocket casts now you can enjoy the podcast experience for android as well.

These are some of the best apps that you must have on your phone. So if you have a phone and you want to have some useful apps in it, then the above-mentioned apps are the right choice to make.

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