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4G will dominate next 5 years, expect 300% increase in data usage: Ericsson Mobility Report

Technology, especially in the mobile world, is changing rapidly. In such a situation, a lot is going to change in the next 5 years. According to the Ericsson Mobility report, in the next 5 years i.e. by the year 2027, half the world (about 50%) will be occupied by 5G smartphones, which will cover 75 percent of the world’s population. Whereas globally 62 percent of smartphone traffic will be there. There are expected to be 660 million 5G mobile subscriptions by 2021. Whose number was about 98 million by the third quarter of 2021? It is estimated that the 5G network will cover 2 billion people by the end of 2021.

The dominance of 4G will not end

The dominance of 4G smartphones in the world is not going to diminish soon. Especially in the next 5 years, 4G smartphones will have a large market share. At present, there are 790 million 4G smartphones in the country, whose number will come down to 710 million in the next 5 years. It will register a decline of 2 percent year on year. Around 5.5 billion new 4G LTE smartphones have been purchased worldwide since 2011.

What will change in India

India is expected to have 39% 5G mobile subscriptions by the end of 2027, with an estimated number of around 500 million.
By the year 2027, the number of smartphone users in India will be around 810 million. On the other hand, if smartphone users grow by an estimated 7 percent, then this number will increase to 1.2 billion. Smartphones currently account for 70 percent of the total mobile phone, which will increase to 94 percent by 2027.
The average per mobile traffic in the work from home era on Reliance's mobile network in India stood at 18.4 GB in 2021. Which used to be 16.1 GB till the year 2020.
India ranks second in the world in terms of average tariff per mobile. By the year 2027, the average data consumption in India will be 50 GB per month.

Data consumption will increase by 300%

With the increase in the number of smartphones, the consumption of mobile data tariffs in the world has registered an increase. Mobile network data tariff has increased by 42 percent in the third quarter of 2021 as compared to the previous year. A total of 78 exabytes (EB) of data were consumed during this period. It also included Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) service. The total mobile network tariff data consumption is expected to increase by 300% to reach 370EB by 2027.

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