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5 coolest gadgets of 2017

5 coolest gadgets of 2017

The year 2017 has entered in its last trimester, and the year 2018 is almost around the corner. Through the year 2017, we have witnessed some the most amazing and brilliant breakthrough in the technology. So as the year is folding up, we thought why not to have a look five coolest gadgets to pay tribute to the contribution of 2017 in the technology sector. In this article, we have mention five coolest gadgets of 2017. Have a look and get yourselves amaze.

1. Dell 2-in-1 Laptops:
Again this year the Dell the made its generous contribution in the tech race by introducing several convertible laptops. However, the most eminent of all is its most famous and notable Latitude 7285 and a new and updated version of the XPS 13. Latitude 7285 is a surface pro 4 rival. It has come with a stylus, a durable keyboard, and a very sharp screen. However, if we talk about the other model, then the new version of the XPS 13 has come with a more flexible hinge. That can rotate in different directions and is flexible enough to use in various positions.

2. Lenovo Smart Assistant:
Do you need an assistant to manage your calendar and to do list and also answer all your queries? Then the Lenovo Smart Assistant is just the right choice for you. Powered by the Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant, the Lenovo Smart Assistant is the most powerful and best alternative to the Amazon echo. With the power of its 8 microphones, it can hear your voices from 16 feet away.

3. Razer Project Valerie:
A large screen always doubles the fun while working, streaming for a movie or playing video games. So why not to have a gadget which can increase your average screen three folds? The dream has true with the efforts by the Razer’s Project Valerie concept.
It comes with a two foldable display and you can expand out it to form one big screen. With both the screens of 4 k resolution and 17-inch screen the Razer Project Valerie is by far the coolest gadget of 2017.

4. Asus Zenfone AR:
So much so far we have been using our phone just to play games, chatting and to use the maps, however, the ASUS Company is of the view that phone is capable of much more than that. ASUS Zenfone AR is the latest and the most refreshing gadget in 2017. As the name of the device, it implies that the phone no doubts build to provide the virtual reality. For enabling the technology, it uses two Google-powered platforms Tango and Daydream.

5. Toyota Concept-i:
Toyota has always come up with the idea of using the existing gadgets to innovate more. The latest innovation of Toyota is the one example. Toyota concept-I is the car fully automated by the artificial intelligence and thus let it decide the destination of the driver after talking to the assistant “Yui” of the vehicle.
These are some of the coolest and the highly demanded gadgets of 2017. So tell us which one of them you have?

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