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5 ways through which we can witness the Impact of technology on fashion industry

Impact of technology on fashion industry

The tornado of technology has hit every sector of the business community. Its effects can be a sense in the fashion industry too. During the past few years, the transition of the fashion industry to become a technology-centric industry is not only remarkable but also deliver proficient results.
Technology has transformed the whole fashion industry from marketing to payment gateways and delivery styles. In this particular piece, we want to discuss the five ways through which technology has made an impact on the fashion industry. The intersection of technology, innovation, and fashion has the following impact for us to look for.

1. Visual search assistance:

With the advancement of technology, the search methods have gone through a lot of changes. Now you do not have to follow the traditional methods of searching. However, for a particular item, you don’t need to enter the correct product description to have the more refined results. Today you can hunt the item by uploading a picture of it to the search engines. Isn’t it more expedient to search for the sought after dresses online now?

2. Combating the fitting issues:

One of the most battling issues of online purchases is the fitting of a particular dress. Now with the help of AR-enabled Fitting rooms, software tools for size measurements and 3D body scanners e-commerce players are making the online purchase experience more reliable and easy.

3. Better prediction and suggestions:

Forget the old methods of going through the massive historical data to find the buying patterns of the shoppers.  Moreover, now with the help of Artificial Intelligence and computer-aided tools, predictions and suggestions have become more relaxed and precise.

4. Have your very own personal stylist:

How amazing it would be if you have a personal stylist as all the celebrities have. With the help of Artificial Intelligence now the technology has become more personalized. However, in the very near future, you will be able to have your very own digital stylist which closely monitors your closet and suggest you what to wear and also when to go shopping.

5. Smart wearable technology:

Just as the smart app and devices have made their impact on our lives significantly.  In the near future, the technology will be enabled to fabricate smart fabrics according to your body temperature, physic, and location.

Technology is approaching towards a more calculated and intelligent approach towards fashion industry. It is equipping the industry with tools and gadgets. However, this not only helps them in more targeted selling but also facilitate them in customer retention. It is not a far future where you can have the dresses being available to you at your home to try on. However, there are still a large majority of people who like it be the traditional way. It does not matter whether you go for the traditional approach or the more innovative and customer-centric approach the real impact of technology can be seen on the fashion industry business doing and it is pretty much changing the way this industry is carrying on its business.

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