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5G may be introduced in our country, by this time

The government has recently approved 5G testing to telecom companies, after which there are constant speculations about that the world will change completely after the arrival of this technology. People say that there will be some such changes that we will not be able to believe as soon as 5G arrives.

2G to 5G

If we talk about the present digital revolution, then we started 2G internet and till now we are using 4G i.e. fourth generation internet. After the arrival of 4G, you can find out how many changes have come in our life in terms of connectivity. Video calling, high speed internet connectivity and do not know what has changed. At the same time, with the arrival of 5G, more advancement is expected in it.

We are imagining everything from Internet of things to smart home etc. But what is going to happen in reality, it is yet to be seen. So let’s know what kind of changes will happen in our life after the arrival of 5G and when it can be introduced.

5G technology

In simple language, 5G is the latest technology of cellular service. You can call it the next version of 4G network. In this, you will see faster internet speed, lower latency rate and more flexibility. Till now, the most focus was on connectivity, but 5G would be one step ahead and connect the client directly to the cloud.

5G will change this

With 5G technology, not only will you get faster internet, but it will also be connected to Internet of Things (IoT) which means that you will be able to connect freeze, TV, microwave oven, washing machine, AC etc. in your home with this 5G technology. And will be able to use it. The speed of 5G will be 10Gbps, which will be 100 times faster than 4G. Its performance will be much better and with this you will be able to do any work in a few minutes. This will open up new avenues for many things including healthcare, virtual reality, cloud gaming.

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5G launch in India

There is a lot of curiosity about this technology and people are eagerly waiting for its launch. But it is difficult to say anything about when it will be actually introduced. Some telecom companies are planning to offer it by the end of the year. Airtel and Jio are planning to introduce it as soon as possible. Reliance Jio Chairman has already announced that Jio will lead the 5G network revolution. It is believed that Jio may introduce 5G in the second half.

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However, for the information, let us know that the government has not even started the cell of 5G spectrum. Recently permission has been given by the government regarding its testing. Some experts believe that this year 5G spectrum can be a matter of sale and the government can take a big decision to start this service

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