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About US

Techjuicy is a new latest technology news based website. It gives you the insight into the latest technology trends, news, popular gadgets introduced and upcoming and much more.
Technology is not a static thing but changes every week, day, minute and even a second. The world is revolutionizing very quickly, and so we need to move step by step with the fastest moving technology-based world.

The World is changing its meaning of living. Nowadays nothing is impossible due to technology. The days had gone when it was considered that the technology is just about robotics and computer systems. The technology is evolving with the advanced technology formulas and gadgets; the world has changed its definition of old term technology.

Every day a new technology introduces in the market. There was a time when people used to wait and to wonder about the upcoming innovations. However, now the situation is completely changed.
There are so many online platforms which are providing you the latest information of technology at every minute and every second. In millions of those platforms, Techjuicy has individually coming up as one of them.

Who we are:

We are the team of two people Narayan Singh Aanjana (founder) and Anjali Aanjana (co-founder). We love to find out the inner details of the upcoming technology and presents Techjuicy nectar to you. We carefully sum up all the searches and gives the final research about the latest technology trends, event, and gadgets.

What we do:

Techjuicy is the leading technology media website, which is dedicated obsessively profiling start-up, reviewing the latest new internet products, gadgets and breaking latest tech news. We are committed to providing the best of us and nothing more.

Techjuicy-all about:

This platform is all about providing the general, reality-based technology information according to your interest. Our team encounters the technology latest trends, and we are proud to say that.
Nothing more, nothing less. Just what is in the market and that’s what we deliver to our visitors.

Our Aim:

The aim of this platform is just to provide the entertainment and insight about all the newest technology all around the world. Our visitors are dear to us. So we try our level best to come up always with something new and more promising that attract our audience.
Keep yourself aware of the new technology happening around the globe. Just bookmark this website and keep yourself update all time with the truth-based news about technology.
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“Your curiosity and our love towards the technology is endless.”