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After LG, OPPO made big bets on 6G network, started work to revolutionize the world of technology

5G technology is spreading slowly but steadily around the world. Meanwhile, smartphone brand Oppo on Tuesday revealed its 6G strategy. Smartphone brand Oppo released its 6G strategy saying that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will act as a new dimension for the next generation of communication networks, allowing 6G networks to self-optimize and dynamically It will help you to manage yourself.

According to the 6G white paper released by the Oppo Research Institute, 6G technology will fundamentally revolutionize how AI anticipates, learns, interacts and applies, making the technology and its benefits available to all.

Standardization of 6G may start from 2025

In a statement, OPPO’s Chief 5G Scientist Henry Tang said, “Mobile communications technology evolves over a decade-long period and standardization of the next generation of communication technology is expected to begin in 2025, with commercial implementation around 2035.”

Talking in detail in this regard, he said, “Looking towards 2035, OPPO expects that the number of intelligent agents in the world will far exceed the number of humans. Therefore, the next generation of communication technology, 6G, should be able to meet all kinds of needs, not just of people, including intelligence and various interactions. OPPO has established a pre-research team to conduct preliminary research on 6G service and technology requirements, key technologies and system features.

6G devices will be based on AI

Empowered by 6G, smart devices will become important partners and users of AI, downloading and deploying AI algorithms at various application levels to create new immersive experiences, as well as continuously collecting data to feed more advanced AI models. For example, in the case of autonomous vehicles, 6G networks will be able to provide the most appropriate AI algorithmic and optimal communication connections based on the vehicle’s location and current physical environment.

The vehicle will be able to instantly download and run AI algorithms that have been trained by countless other vehicles and devices, enabling the vehicle to provide the safest and most comfortable journey for the passenger. Under the proposed network, 6G devices will be allocated to the AI ​​domain based on the location and requirements of the device.

This AI domain will release the most appropriate AI algorithms and functions required to provide the desired services while providing the best communication connections to perform the relevant tasks. The OPPO research team said, unlike 4G and 5G networks, the AI ​​used for guessing and decision making in 6G networks will be systematically integrated on the device side and network side, with the device playing a more important role.

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