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Always remember these tips if you want to avoid online fraud

Due to modern technology, most of the banking work can be done at home. However, there is another aspect to it. With the increasing use of technology in banking operations, the danger has also increased. While doing banking work, a small mistake can cause huge losses to you. To avoid this, it is very important for the customer to keep some things in mind.

Fraud via call, SMS or chat

As soon as the bank’s toll-free number is called from the mobile number, you should beware of the fraud that acquires your personal information.

Remember, no bank calls customers using a number like toll-free number and does not ask for secret information. Banks do not email, SMS, or chat online to find out the secret information of customers.

Credit / debit card

It is very important to track credit card or debit card transactions. By setting SMS or email alert mode in the phone, you will be kept aware of the transactions occurring every time. With this, you will be able to easily keep track of card transactions.

Online banking

Make a habit of remembering your net banking password. Do not share the password with anyone and do not keep it in writing anywhere. Use net banking only from a computer or laptop connected to a secured network. Be sure to log out of the website after using net banking.

cheque book

Keep your check book at a safe place. Do not make the mistake of placing the already signed check in the check book. Before giving a check to any person, write all the information in it and then sign it and give the check. Take a photo of the check. Before submitting the check, fill the complete information in the slip and keep it safe.

Stay away from public Wi-Fi

Do not use public WIFI for online shopping but use only your personal network. Some public wifi can keep an eye on all our activities and later we can see our ID and password.


If someone is fraudulent using your net banking or card, contact the bank or card company immediately. First get the card blocked and then deposit the formal complaint in the bank. Keep a record of the SMS or email you received, due to which there will be documentary evidence of the fraud that happened to you. Police should file a complaint and contact Cyber ​​Crime Cell.

Remember these things

When using Internet Banking, if the option of saving password is asked by the browser, never accept it.

  • Use only the net banking website or application of the official company. Do not click the unsolicited link found on SMS or email.
Do not share information such as your card, PIN, OTP, CVV, user ID, password with the bank officer.
  • Keep scanning the computer with antivirus.
  • Do not believe in email, SMS, phone calls giving reward points for asking for personal information.
  • Always keep in mind the last login date and time.
  • Encrypt the files and folders associated with the bank statement.

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