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amazing! Now devices like phones and smartwatches will be charged by your body, there will be no need for charger

Researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed a technology that allows single devices such as pocketed mobile phones and other wearable devices to be charged without a human body. For this, the human body will be used as a power transmission medium.

This fully charged system allows 10 wearable devices on the body to be fully charged for a period of more than 10 hours from a single power source. It can harness unused energy from electronics to power wearables in a typical home or office environment. This research has been published in the journal Nature Electronics.

This technology will eliminate the need for batteries

Gerald Yu, associate professor in NUS’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, said, “The battery is the most expensive thing in a wearable device and it makes the design bigger. Our unique system has the potential to eliminate the need for batteries. This will allow the manufacturers to reduce the production cost while minimizing the gadgets.”

Yu further added that, without the battery constraints, our new development can enable next generation wearables such as ECG patches, gaming accessories and remote diagnostics.

This is how all the devices will be charged

The NUS team has designed a receiver and transmitter system that uses the human body as a power transmission medium for wireless powering and for energy harvesting. All receivers and transmitters are equipped with a chip that is used as a springboard to increase coverage across the body.

In this, users can only fit the transmitter on a single power source such as a smartwatch tied to the user’s wrist and multiple receivers can be fitted anywhere on the person’s body. After this, this system can charge other wearables present on the user’s body by extracting energy from the source. The technology used in this charging process is called body-coupled power transmission. In this way, the user will have to charge only one device and other devices can be charged through it.

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