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Amazon Daily Quiz: Win Rs 12,990 smartphone by answering these 5 questions

Amazon Daily Quiz is kept on Amazon. Under this, the quiz is updated with new questions every morning. You can win a great prize by answering the quiz questions correctly. In this, the latest smartphones, iPhone, Amazon gift vouchers and other gadgets are listed as a reward.

Talk about today, the daily quiz of January 30 has gone live on Amazon. Users participating in this quiz contest can win OPPO A53 smartphone. The initial price of this phone is Rs 12,990. To play this quiz, one of the two essential things is to be signed in on Amazon and the second is to install Amazon’s shopping app (Amazon App) on your phone.

How to join Amazon Daily Quiz

If you have not yet installed the Amazon App, then download it. Both iOS and Android users can use this app. This contest goes live at 8 am. On the app, you will see a separate section for it, where you can enter the game. The reward for the quiz varies. In such a situation, if you answer the questions correctly, your name will be listed for the lucky draw.

Quiz winner is announced a few days later like Amazon. You can check your name in the list. Let us know that every user who gives correct answer does not get price money. One more thing, besides the daily quiz, the company does live many quiz challenges which you can win by playing.

Amazon Daily Quiz Result- 30 January

A New Amazon Prime Series Starring Saif Ali Khan Is Named After Which Of These?

Answer: A Dance Performed By Lord Shiva

The ‘Black Vault’- A Website, Recently Published 2700 Pages Of Declassified CIA Documents On What?

Answer: UFOs

Who Won The Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Award For ICC Female Cricketer Of The Decade?

Answer: Ellyse Perry

This UNESCO World Heritage Site in South India Was the Capital of Which Empire?

Answer: Vijayanagar

What Is This Famous Memorial Known As?

Answer: Mount Rushmore

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