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Amazon is facing a fierce reaction from the people, there is a ruckus on the products with tricolor print

Republic Day 2022: As the country is celebrating its 73rd Republic Day, e-commerce giant Amazon is facing criticism on micro-blogging site Twitter for selling products on which (Happy Republic Day 2022) Indian national flag is printed. With tricolor printed products including clothes, face masks, keychains (Amazon India), etc available on the platform, many users took to Twitter to share their (73rd Republic Day) displeasure for disrespecting Indian sentiments.

One user wrote on Twitter, ‘We demand that you remove the objectionable items immediately and stop hosting such items on your online store or face boycott!’ Another user wrote with the hashtag Amazon Insults National Flag. He wrote, ‘Amazon has often insulted the tricolor flag of India by selling shoes and toilet seat covers, masks, etc.’ Many users reported that many tech giants are also selling shoes with the tricolor mark.

Another user wrote, ‘Let us honor the sacrifices made by our national heroes who laid down their lives for the freedom of India. Let us unite and protest against the insult to our national flag.’ Another said, ‘Let us boycott these products on Amazon.’ Some users also pointed out that using the flag on many products is against the Flag Code of India. is against.

According to the code, ‘the flag shall not be used as part of any kind of dress or uniform. It will not be embroidered or printed on cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins or boxes.’ However, this is not the first time the tech giant has faced such an allegation. Earlier, Amazon’s US website used to trade metal hoops for Indian tricolor-themed shoes and shoelaces.

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