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Android OREO, New version of Android has launched


The tech-enthusiasts are quite excited about the recent launch of the latest iteration of the Android operating system, i.e., Oreo. It is the 8th orientation of the Android OS after the previous launch of Nougat. This version has come up with plenty cool changes starting from a revamped overall look to the stock android screen to great under-the-hood improvements.
If you are pretty excited to check this latest tech, you have to get yourself a new smartphone, preferably a Nexus or a Pixel 2. The other recent mobiles would also be getting updates, but that would not be until a few months after the release.

Let’s check out some of the cool features that the new Android 8.0 has to offer:


1.Smart file manager

We all know that the built-in file manager by Android isn’t the best and thus we all use some third-party apps to our rescue. Oreo has made improvements in its file manager that lists out things according to categories and thereby making navigation easier.

2. Split-screen mode

All of us have had trouble with using multiple apps at the same time sometime or the other. To our rescue, Oreo has released split screen feature which allows us to run two apps on the same window at the same time.

3. App drawer improvements

With just a single swipe anywhere on the home screen, you would be able to open up your app drawer. For the ones who don’t like to swipe from the bottom, it’s a great feature. Also, the home buttons are changed and found floating on the app menu in contrast colors.

4. New emojis

Google has finally ditched the blob-shaped smiles and adopted the traditional rounded ones. The added color texture and gradient also give it a more realistic look.

5. Smart background settings

Now apps do not shut down when pushed to the background with the 8.0 to the rescue.one can enjoy seamless gaming and return to listening to music or reading a book without having to worry about starting the app again.

6. Snooze individual notifications

One of the best features that Oreo has come up with. If a notification pops up when you are busy, you just have to swipe it and tap on the snooze icon. The notification goes away for fifteen minutes and comes back after the time is up.

7. Powerful battery optimisation

The Doze Mode has helped android Oreo optimise its battery life by controlling background apps and a smart battery control technology.

8. Revamped setting menu

The subtle grey text on an all-white background is worth watching out for. Though the sideward notification menu transition introduced in 7.0 has been removed, the menu has been simplified for a better user experience and make the OS more simplified.

With Android Oreo being the latest technology in the market, it is yet to be seen how it performs with the recent gadgets. Are there any bugs in the OS or the battery performance dips can be found out only after a careful analysis of the same? Whether the 8.0 triumphs or loses the battle is a matter worth finding out.

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