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Can’t see IPL 2021 because of slow internet speed in the phone? Adopt these methods

IPL 2021 has started and every day 7-8 lakh people are watching this instant cricket live on Disney + Hotstar. While many users are not able to fully enjoy the match due to slow internet. Also Read – IPL 2021 live streaming: Jio’s special prepaid plan, can watch IPL matches live on mobile for free

Telecom companies are making a lot of efforts these days to give better coverage to users. On the other hand, despite having a full signal to the users, the internet is not getting the right speed in the smartphone. Despite being in 4G network coverage, users are facing problems like slow browsing and buffering during live matches.
Today we are going to give you information about running fast internet by making some changes in the settings of your smartphone. This change in the settings of the smartphone will not damage any data of your phone. Also Read – Jio hotstar prepaid plans: Jio’s Dhansu recharge plan, data and free calling get special benefits
Increase internet speed in this way

First Way:

Whenever you see a problem with slow internet and network connectivity. First of all try restarting your phone once. We are saying this because when the phone is restarted, the mobile network is re-searched in the smartphone, due to which fresh connectivity is available and the speed of internet data increases as before.

Second way:

Also enable Airplane mode in your phone and then disable it. By doing this, the mobile network will be searched again and there is a possibility of increasing the speed of the internet.

Third way:

Users accidentally enable the auto download feature in the smartphone, due to which apps are updated in the background and the data received also ends quickly. Apart from this, we also face the problem of slow internet. Go to Google Play Store to check Auto Download. If the auto update feature is enabled, disable it and use WiFi for app and software updates.

Fourth way:

Before running internet in mobile, you also have to check your phone’s network settings. For 4G internet service, you have to go to the network settings of the phone. After this you have to select 4G / LTE as a preferred network. After that you will have to go to Network Settings and check APN (Access Point Network). Keep in mind that the default settings sent by your telecom operator in the access point should be enabled.

Fifth way:

Many users use prepaid plans, in which telecom companies offer daily data. Many times we do not know and the data we get daily is gone. After the daily data limit is over, you get slow internet speed. If you want, you can purchase additional data pack of telecom companies and enjoy fast internet.

If you have followed all these methods, still the right network is not coming, then contact your telecom operator and complain about the problem in internet access.

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