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Central government adopted strict action on WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, sent this notice

The Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology, Government of India has once again directed WhatsApp to withdraw its new privacy policy. The news agency ANI has given this information by quoting government sources. WhatsApp had earlier claimed that the new privacy policy of WhatsApp has been deferred till May 15. Now from May 15, notifications are coming to the users to agree to the privacy policy again.

Notice sent to Whatsapp

The Central Government in a notice sent to WhatsApp said that, till the said date, stopping the privacy policy update does not mean that they should not respect the privacy of the information, the security of the data and the likes and dislikes of the users.

In this notice sent to WhatsApp, the central government said that the change in its privacy policy and the way it has been brought under the FAQ section ignores the rights and interests of Indian citizens.


WhatsApp says that from May 15 onwards, WhatsApp will not shut down all things at once. This will send repeated reminders to users, who will be barred from using certain features. The first and most important thing a user will not be able to do is the WhatsApp chat list. That said, WhatsApp will still allow users to answer incoming phone and video calls. And if you have notifications enabled, you can read the message by tapping on them or reply to the message or return a missed phone or video call.

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It will run for a few weeks but if you still do not accept the privacy policy, your app will become completely worthless. WhatsApp stated on its FAQ page that users will not be able to receive incoming calls or notifications and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone.

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However, apart from this, if you delete your account, then your history is also going to be deleted, and you are going to be deleted from all other WhatsApp Groups, and all your backups are going to be deleted as well.

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