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Data, name, address and phone number of 500 million users leaked from LinkedIn after Facebook included

People are yet to digest the huge Facebook data leaks ft-owned professional networking platform LinkedIn has been leaked. This data is reportedly being sold online. The allegedly scrapped archive of data from 500 million LinkedIn profiles has been put up for sale on a popular hacker forum. Not only this, the people involved behind the hack have also presented 20 lakh leaked records as a sample.

The Cybernews report states, “The leaked 4 files have scraped their full names, email addresses, phone numbers, workplace information and many other such information about LinkedIn users. Leaked data kept for sale includes LinkedIn IDs, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, gender, links to LinkedIn profiles, links to other social media profiles, professional posts, and the rest of their work data.

This report states that “Hacker Forum users can view leaked samples with the help of a $ 2 forum credit, while the Threat Actor is likely to have more than 500 million users in at least a 4-digit amount of bitcoin.” Appears to be auctioning a database of. ”

LinkedIn said in a statement on Thursday that it had “investigated the alleged set of LinkedIn data posted for sale and that it was not LinkedIn’s leaked data. Also we have been able to review any of LinkedIn’s data. The data of the private member’s account was not included, which we were able to review, the company said. ”

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