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Facebook and Instagram servers down again, the company apologized by tweeting

Facebook, Instagram stopped working at midnight

Within a week, Facebook and Instagram got the second error. Users had to face difficulties for a long time. It was told that late night Instagram’s server went down for the second time in 5 days. Separate tweets from Facebook and Instagram apologized to the users.

It has been told that in some parts of countries like US, UK, Poland and Germany, the servers of both Facebook and Instagram were down on late Friday night at 12:11 pm (according to Indian time). Along with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp also stopped working in India this week.

At 9 o’clock in the night, all these three social media apps stopped working and their service could be restored after about 6 hours of hard work. During this, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg had lost billions of dollars. After the service was restored, he also apologized to the users.

The world of messaging stopped for six hours, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook all closed, users around the world upset

Within a week, the company has once again been hit by the downing of the servers of Facebook and Instagram in the US and European countries. However, it was a matter of relief for the company that this time the instant messaging app WhatsApp did not stop working.

This week, on Monday, October 4, the servers of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were down simultaneously in India. Then people trolled Mark Zuckerberg a lot on Twitter. Similarly, this time also the hashtag #instagramdownagain started trending on Twitter. However, this time the problem was quickly resolved.

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