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Facebook is coming new feature, it will be easy to delete and block messages from unknown people

Facebook keeps updating its app to provide convenience to its users. In this episode, Facebook is now working on such a tool, with the help of which users will be able to easily delete the messages sent by unknown people simultaneously. Also, you will be able to block those Suspicious users. Explain that right now, to block a user on Facebook or to delete his message, one has to manually choose unknown users. After the introduction of Facebook’s new feature, users will be able to delete unknown message requests in one go.

According to Engadget’s report, Facebook already has an automatic image blurring tool to check pop-up phishing notifications and unwanted messages. Along with this, Facebook is working on the feature of child safety. Also searching for people who send a large number of messages or friend requests.

Integration of Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats benefited users in this way

Let me tell you that in August last year, Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats were integrated. With the help of this feature, users can also chat on Instagram through Facebook Messenger or send and receive messages in Facebook Messenger via Instagram. Facebook added Instagram DM (Direct Message) to Facebook Messenger Platform . This means that users who use the Messenger app can talk to Facebook friends through Instagram without any hassle and without downloading a new app. Users of similar Instagram direct messages can also message with Facebook Messenger.

How to delete message, photo or video sent on Facebook Messenger

Step-1 To unsend the send message on Facebook, first open the messenger app. After this, open the chat you want to delete. Then long press (long press on) the message, photo or video you want to delete –

Step-2 will be followed by the option of Copy, Forward and Remove. To delete a message, select Remove –

Step-3 Then you will get two options. Remove for everyone and Remove for you. To delete the message from the chat box of the person who has sent the message here, select the option for Remove for everyone –

Step-4 The next step will bring a popup notification. Here you have to select the Remove option. As mentioned in the screenshot below –

Step-5: As soon as we remove the message, you will see the message written on the Messenger. This means that you have successfully deleted the message sent.

In this way, you can unsend the message sent on facebook. You will also show notification of you removed a message in the chat box –

Note – You can delete messages, photos or videos sent on Facebook within 10 minutes of sending. That is, the message can be deleted within 10 minutes of sending the message. If you try to delete the message after 10 minutes, only the option of Remove for you will come.

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