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FAU-G Review: Better than PUBG Mobile?

Special things
  • FAU-G has been released on 26 January i.e. Republic Day
  • The game currently includes a single-player campaign mode
  • Developers will soon add two new modes
FAU-G Review in Englishi:

FAU-G has been waiting for a long time and finally this action shooter mobile game developed by Indian gaming company has knocked on Google Play. The game went live on 26 January on the occasion of Republic Day and by the time of writing the review, it has been downloaded 1 million times. FAU-G is developed by nCore Games, a studio based in Bangalore. The game is also promoted by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who was also involved in its development. Now it comes to how is the FAU-G (FAU-G) mobile game really? We downloaded FAU-G on Android and here is its review.

There is not much content to discuss and play in FAU-G. It only comes with a single-player campaign. Your character in the game is Lieutenant Singh. Your regiment is ambushed by Chinese opponents in the Galvan Valley. The gameplay is quite simple, with fight fights with swarms of enemies, and the sad part is that there is not much change in the gameplay or combat. In the game, only the poles are found in the name of weapons, the rest are to be thrown by your kick. Somewhere, an attempt has been made to imitate the real skirmish of the Galvan valley, because there was a clash between the two armies with kick-buns and sticks. Brawler Mechanics has only two buttons, the first ‘hit’ and the second ‘block’, of which you rarely need the ‘block’ button. In it, you will also find some places where you can increase your health back.

As we said, the game is quite simple, which means that you can finish the entire campaign of the game by simply tapping one button repeatedly. In other words, it can also be called boring. There are also some Diltasp Hindi dialogues, but they are also repeated again and again. You might like it in the beginning, but you may get bored of them soon. Talking about graphics, the graphics seem quite old according to the game launched in 2021. However, it is important to note here that nCore Games says that the developer will also add ‘Free For All’ and 5v5 ‘Team Deathmatch’ modes to the game soon. Hopefully, these two modes will make FAU-G more exciting.

According to Vishal Gondal, co-founder of nCore, inspiration has been drawn from a real Indian story to make the game. But somewhere more could be added to the game, such as stealth, new combat sets, different types of enemies or missions, and new items to unlock.

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In its current state, FAU-G’s gameplay feels too short and incomplete. Hopefully, in the future it will get some good updates and many new things will be added to it, but for the moment there is not much to be said for such a small and incomplete game. The developers had made it clear from the beginning that FAU-G is not intended to replace PUBG Mobile.

After watching the game, it is clear that the developer wanted to create something different and new, and the team deserves credit for it. However, some modes are yet to be added to the game. It would have been better if the game had been announced or released after some more work on it. The FAU-G comes in over 460MB in size on Google Play and as such it does not offer a lot of entertainment, but with the introduction of the new mode, our outlook may change.


Original IP
Single controls
Unique indian setting


Average graphics
Lack of content

Rating (out of 10): 5

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