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Get Netflix Subscription at a starting price of just Rs 199 and watch the best movies and webseries to be launched this month

Do you know that the new season of Money Hist is coming. Are you planning to see it there? Do you have a Netflix subscription to watch it? In such a situation, if you want to see this show or any other show in this lockdown, then we have brought good news for you. Today we will tell you which plan of Netflix you can choose and from which plan you will get more benefit.

For starters, Netflix currently has 4 plans which include Rs 199 mobile plan, Rs 499 basic plan, Rs 649 standard plan and Rs 799 premium plan. These are all monthly plans which can also be used annually by paying money. So which is the best plan for you? I know.

for single user

Here if you want to watch Netflix alone, then you can use the mobile plan of 199 rupees. You can see this in your smartphone by paying 199 rupees every month. At the same time, you will have to pay 2388 rupees for a year. You can watch Netflix shows and movies on one screen. This can be your phone or tablet. But there are also some losses in this plan. Here the plan supports only 480p streaming quality, which you cannot play on a laptop or TV.Also read https://techjuicy.com/pubg-mobile-global-1-4-version-update-download-apk-file-from-here/

for multiple devices

For this, you can take a basic plan of Rs 499 and an annual plan of Rs 5988. With its help, you can watch Netflix movies, documentaries on multiple devices including laptops, tablets, phones and TVs. However here you will also find this on a single screen only. The plan supports 480p screen resolution. At the same time you can run it on many different devices.

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Netflix’s standard plan of Rs 649 is one such plan that offers great video quality and more screens. This plan is for those people who want to watch on 2 or more screens. Full video quality support of 1080p is available in the plan. The annual cost of this plan is Rs 7788 per year.

for the whole family

The price of this plan is Rs 799 which is a premium plan. In this plan, you can buy Netflix content with 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos sound. At the same time, you can run it on multiple devices, including phones and smart TVs. Here you get 4 screen options. The annual price of this plan is Rs 9588.

The specialty of these Netflix plans is that all these ads are free and many features are also available in it. At the same time, an account can be run with the help of 6 profiles. You can also download movies and shows here.

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