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Do you want to go out of the house during “Lockdown” , get e-pass through website and WhatsApp

The lockdown imposed till 14 April in India has been extended till 3 May at present. The government has imposed strict restrictions on people providing essential services and everything except emergencies. These steps are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 ie corona virus. The virus has now been declared a global pandemic. Relief in this lockdown has been provided to those who provide essential services, while ordinary people will be exempted only in emergencies. Many governments and Union Territories are offering e-passes for this relief. You can get these e-passes made online.

In this article we will tell you how you can get COVID-19 E-pass during lockdown. Many state governments are giving citizens a chance to register for e-pass on their website. At the same time, many governments have issued mobile or WhatsApp numbers for this.

How to get e-pass for lockdown?
  1. First of all go to the official lockdown e-pass website of your state.
  2. Go to the website and click on ‘Apply’.
  3. Why do you need an e-pass now? Explain the reason for this. Explain that the website of each state can also ask for different information from the user. For example, the Maharashtra e-pass website asks for your photo ID proof, valid organization documents, medical reports and company ID, which will have to be attached to the application.
  4. After submission, this application will be scrutinized by the local police and after that the pass will be issued.
  5. If something goes wrong while filling the application, the user can go to the local police station and rectify the mistake. You will be issued a unique token ID with the application.
How to check for application status of e-pass?
  1. Once the application is submitted, the user can check the status of his application by going to the e-pass website and entering the unique ID.
  2. After the e-pass is approved, the message will be sent by the officials on the user’s phone.
  3. Users can also print this e-pass. Whenever you get out of the house, keep this pass with you.

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