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Good news for JioPhone users, now talk openly on WhatsApp calls without worrying about minutes

If you are a JioPhone user then there is good news for you because now you will also be able to enjoy WhatsApp voice calling in this phone. In fact, KiaOS, on which JioPhone and many other smart feature phones run, has announced the support of WhatsApp VoIP. WhatsApp voice calling will be available on all KaiOS devices with 512MB of RAM or more.

Till now JioPhone and other KaiOS feature phone users could do text chat, voice recorded message, media sharing on WhatsApp with their contacts. WhatsApp COO Matt Idema said that, we want to support communities around the world that use lightweight operating systems. Bringing WhatsApp voice calls to KaiOS enabled devices will help people a lot and they will be able to connect privately. It is simple, reliable and accessible to all, regardless of the mobile device they are using.

how to To activate this feature on jioPhone and other KaiOS feature phone

To activate this feature, KaiOS users will have to update their existing WhatsApp version 2.2110.41. For this, the update notification will come in their app itself, which they will have to accept. The VoIP feature for new devices will be included in the latest version of WhatsApp and will be available pre-installed on the phone.

With this voice calling feature update, the app allows voice calls over the internet using Wi-Fi or using mobile data. This will also not reduce the voice minutes from the cellular plans of the customers.

Sebastian Codville, CEO of KaiOS Technologies, said that with WhatsApp, we are taking another important step towards the goal of making essential, useful services accessible to all, including underserved communities, seniors looking for simple devices. and those using KaiOS devices as companion phones. Now with the voice calling facility, users can easily make calls anywhere, anytime in a cost-effective manner.

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