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Good News: New AC-3 coaches run on the track at the speed of 180, 83 people will get berth in place of 72, know the specialties

Indian Railways has successfully completed the trial of its new economy AC-3 tire coach at a speed of 180 km per hour. An economy AC-3 tire coach has been prepared at the Railway Coach Factory, Kapurthala, which has been tested on the railway track. The Railway Ministry has shared a video of the trial of this economy coach, according to which the coach has been run at a speed of 180 km per hour on the Kota-Sawai Madhopur section.

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Ashish Aggarwal, Public Relations Officer, Research Design and Standards Organization, said that we have completed the testing of the coach. The report is being prepared. After this, production of these coaches will be started on a large scale with the necessary approvals. In the coming days, this coach with 83 seats will be added to selected trains instead of 72.

This 83-berth coach will have a comfortable journey

It will be comfortable for the passengers to travel in this three AC coach, being prepared by the Indian Railways. Traveling in a three AC coach is going to be even more convenient. The new design of the three-tire AC coach has 83 berths instead of 72. That is, berths will be available to 11 additional passengers than before. Many new features have also been added to it.

Three-tier economy class coaches are being described as ‘synonymous with the cheapest and best AC travel in the world’. This is Linke Hoffman Busch (LHB) coach, with relatively less tremors and more injuries in the event of an accident.

AC vent and reading light at every berth

In this coach, AC vent has been provided for every seat / berth, so that every passenger feels the coolness of AC and can get the benefit of comfortable travel. Currently, only the top of the coach has an AC vent. But now their personal AC vent will be for every passenger. In the summer, the journey of this coach will be very comfortable for the people.

In this coach, separate reading lights have been installed for each berth. So that no other passengers are disturbed by someone’s wake. Sleep travelers will not have trouble with the passengers who wake up at night. Integrated birth indicators with night lights in the interior of the coach have luminescent eye markers.

Mobile and USB charging points at every birth

In this coach, the ladder has been redesigned to reach the middle and upper berths. Both upper berths have increased headroom. A personal socket has been provided for charging mobile and USB points at each berth.

There is also a provision of a snack table with a side berth. Suitable tables have been made for mobile phones, water bottles and magazines, etc.

Special Entry, Exit and Toilets for the Disabled

In this coach, modern fire safety arrangements have been made for rescue during emergency situation especially in case of fire. Along with this, keeping in mind the needs of the future, the coach has been designed to run at high speed.


In every coach, toilets have been made for the disabled. Arrangements for entry and exit have been made for them, especially in the coach. Toilets have been built in both Indian and Western styles. At present, the railway has successfully tested this coach at a speed of 180.

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