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Google adds 30 minute free trial for Stadia games

Google has added free trial support for cloud gaming service Stadia Games, which doesn’t even require a Stadia account.

According to a 9 to 5 Google report, Google has started a 30-minute free trial for the video game streaming platform Stadia with its exclusive title Hello Engineer. This option will allow players to trial without a free Stadia Pro subscription.

Once the free trial is started, players will have access to the full game with the Stadia sidebar, with a countdown timer that will show the time during the trial.

This is an experiment that Google has been running for the next few months and it will be available for other select titles in the coming weeks.

To experience the game, all players need to do is visit the game’s page on Stadia, where they will find a button offering a 30-minute free trial.

In addition, Google also has a dedicated webpage for other free trials that it may offer in the future.

Earlier, Stadia announced that it was launching its first strategy game that responds to touch instead of a controller.

Named Humankind, the game will introduce a new direct touch control method in Stadia for mobile. With the release of Humankind in the genre of 4X turn-based strategy games, Stadia is introducing an entirely new way to control games.

Instead of relying on a controller, players on Android can take advantage of Direct Touch, which sends your on-screen taps to your game.

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