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Great offer from Paytm, pay rent of your house and get 10 thousand rupees cashback

Paytm has increased its rent payment service, now you will be able to pay the rent of your house as well as make shop rent, property deposit, token amount, brokerage and other payments. This service can be very useful for the customers and they can track all their expenses at one place. Along with this, the company is also giving a cashback of Rs 10,000 on paying the rent.

This cashback will be available to customers on making payment through credit card. Apart from this, new and existing users can also get rewards from credit card issuing banks as they pay their rent on Paytm through credit cards. This rent payment can be done through Paytm UPI, Debit Card or Net Banking at the beneficiary’s bank account or UPI address. The company is charging the lowest fee of only 1 percent on payment through credit card.

To access the rent payment on Paytm, users have to go to the “Recharge & Pay Bills” section on the homescreen and click on ‘Rent payment’.
will have to be selected. This dashboard will give you an opportunity to track all your past rent payments and manage all the beneficiary at one place.

Paytm spokesperson said, “Home and shop rent are the most important expenses in almost every household in India. Through Rent Payment Service, users will be able to pay their rent through Paytm using their Debit Card or Credit Card, UPI and Net Banking. It will also make other things easier for the users and they will be able to track all their expenses in one place. Users can avail a cashback of up to Rs 10,000 by opting to pay the rent through credit card.

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