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Hidden features of WhatsApp, many things will come for you, use them now

WhatsApp is one of the top messaging applications in the world. Crores of users in India are connected to this messaging platform. The reason behind this is that the interface of WhatsApp is quite simple and a lot of features have been given in it, which are very useful for the users. But there are also such features on this messaging platform, about which very few users are aware. So today in this news we are going to tell you about the hidden feature of WhatsApp.

Disappearing message

The Disappearing Message feature of WhatsApp is very useful. When this feature is turned on, the message sent by you will be automatically deleted. You don’t need to delete. To activate this feature, go to the user’s profile and turn on the Depearing Message feature. After this, whenever you send a message to that user, the message will be deleted automatically.

message details

If you want to know whether the message sent by you has been read or not, then for this you have to long press on the message. After this you will see an option with three dots on the right side, click on it and tap on Info. Here you will know whether the message has been read or not.

Mute any conversation

If you are in a meeting and you do not want there to be any disturbance in the meeting, then you can use the mute feature. Through this feature, you can mute the conversation of WhatsApp group and any contact. For this, you have to long press on the window of any user or chat group. After this you will see a cross-out speaker icon at the top. By clicking on it, the mute feature will be activated.

hide last scene like this

If you want to hide your last seen then for this you go to Settings and go to Account. Now click on Privacy and go to Last Seen option. From here you will be able to hide the last seen and no one will know when you came online on WhatsApp.

Close read receipt like this

WhatsApp allows its users to turn off read receipts. If you also want to turn off read receipts, first of all go to the settings of WhatsApp and go to the account. Here go to Privacy and click on Read Receipt. After doing this, this feature will be turned off and users will not even know whether you have read the message or not.

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