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How to block someone on gmail

Most people like Gmail, or they definitely use its service. But it is not complete anywhere. You cannot block a person in a single click like Facebook. If you are receiving too many emails from one website or email, then you might want to do something to prevent these mails from reaching the inbox.

If you have decided that you do not need any mail from a particular email ID, then you can setup filters and automatically delete these mails before reaching the inbox. For this it will have to …

How to block someone on gmail setp By Step

1. Open Gmail> Sign> then in the search bar at the top, click the arrow down on the right corner next to the blue search button on the right corner.

2. Now enter the email ID you want to block in the From section. You can enter a specific email id in it (xyz@abc.com) or the entire domain itself (@ abc.com)> After that click on create filter> check delete it> then click on create filter. By doing this, mail coming from that particular email id will automatically go to the trash folder. You will not receive any notification for these emails and they will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

3. If you are on a mail and want to block that ID, then you click on the down arrow button next to the reply. After this, go to the filter message like this. Now follow the previous instructions.

Gmail does not allow the user to block any mail IDs to prevent them from sending mail. If you do not want email from a particular mail id then follow the instructions given above.

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