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How to check your LIC Accunt balance

It often happens that many people open an account in LIC and also deposit money in it for a few years. But, later they stop depositing money in it and forget that policy. This money is deposited with LIC. Also, there are many such amounts, which there is no one to claim. In such a situation, if there is such a situation with you too, then you can find out about it. You can find out in a few minutes through online whether your money is lying with LIC or not.

Actually, there are many types of amounts deposited with LIC, which have not been claimed yet. Explain that there is a certain period to get these money back after which it is declared as unclaimed property or unclaimed property. If you think that you had got a policy done or your family members had a policy, you can find out from LIC how it is.

In such a situation, you know in which cases you can find out from LIC whether your money is deposited or not. Explain that the money lying in LIC’s account is deposited in the form of death claim, maturity claim, survival benefits, premium refund or indemnity claim and you can find them on LIC’s website. Know that the special things related to LIC’s Alclaimed Fund…

How can I check whether you have money or not?

If you also want to check whether your money is deposited in LIC or not, then you can do this check in a few minutes. In such a situation, first of all you go to the official website. In this you can see through Unclaimed-Policy-Dues. Or you can go to https://licindia.in/Bottom-Links/Unclaimed-Policy-Dues direct link. After this you will be asked for information, you fill it. With this you will know whether your money is with LIC or not.

What information needs to be given?

In this, you will have to give information about LIC policy number, policy holder name, date of birth, PAN card etc. It is mandatory to give information about some fields in this and if some fields are not known then you will not have any problem. It is mandatory to give you the information of name and date of birth. Apart from this, if you have information then you can give. After giving this information, you will be able to easily find out how much money is with LIC. After this you can try to withdraw this money by contacting LIC.

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