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How to download instagram story to your mobile

If you also watch Instagram and you also feel like how to download the story videos or photos, then today we have brought the best way for you so that you can easily download anyone’s Instagram story.

How to download Instagram story in your mobile For information, let us tell you that there is no such feature of Instagram yet in which we can download story or photo. We have told below the best way using a third party website, so that you can download and use the story of any page.

Step 1 – First of all, open a browser on your mobile or PC.

Step 2 – After this, you can search Instagram Story Download Save From Net in the browser or you can go to the direct page by clicking here. step

3 – After opening the Save From Net page, you will see an empty box in which you will have to enter the link or username of the page whose story you want to download in your mobile.

Step 4 – After entering the link or username of the Instagram page, you have to click on the green color download button.

Step 5 – After this there will be a little loading and at the bottom it will show how many stories are currently on that page.

Step 6 – In this you have to choose which story you want to download. A download button will appear when you are taken to any story, you can click and download.

In this way you can easily download the story of any page to your smartphone and share it on WhatsApp or anywhere.

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