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How to earn money from Instagram? Learn Easy Ways

After the ban on Tiktok in the country, many creators established their platform on Instagram, through which they are now earning millions. If you have a social media account on a platform like Instagram, then you can also make it a better way of earning. Here we are going to tell you some things, through which you can also earn money on Instagram, let us know.

Earn with reach and impact

Instagram allows you to earn money through IGTV ads, branded content, badges, shopping and affiliate marketing. To earn money, a creator has to increase his reach and influence on this platform, after which his earning will start. Here your earning depends on you how much better you can do it, because there are some personalities on Instagram who earn crores of rupees per post.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the first to earn per post on Instagram, who earns from Rs 5 crore to Rs 7.5 crore per post. Similarly, American singer Ariana Grande also takes 3 crores to 4.8 crores per post. American actor Dwayne Johnson takes three to 4.73 crores. Priyanka Chopra charges around Rs 3 crore, while Virat Kohli charges Rs 5 crore per post.

easy ways to make money on instagram

You can earn money on Instagram by becoming a social media influencer, for this you must have at least 5,000 followers in your account. By the way, the more followers you have, the better you can earn. You can earn a lot of money even by promoting affiliate links. For this, you have to promote the sponsored post and the link of any brand. The more you click on the link of the promo code, the more money you will get.

Earning is also done in these ways

You can also earn on Instagram through shopping page, for this you have to sell your own product or someone else’s product. This will be successful if you have good followers and good engagement rate on your page. You can also earn through product commission, for this you have to give information about the product to your followers. In such a situation, you can take commission on all the products sold.

You can also earn by becoming a consultant

Nowadays people also become consultants to earn money, but for this there should be a wealth of knowledge. For example, if you have a good knowledge of the stock market, then you can earn money by giving advice on it too.

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