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How to update new number in Aadhaar, know the easiest way

Aadhaar Card Nowadays, for all the necessary facilities, the necessary documents have been made. It is not possible to get the facility of government scheme or to file income tax return without Aadhaar. To take advantage of all the facilities associated with Aadhaar, it is most important to have the right mobile number in the Aadhaar card. The reason for this is that whenever you want to do some work with the help of your Aadhaar number, then an OTP comes for its verification. It arrives at your registered mobile number or email ID.

In such a situation, if your mobile number has changed, then the OTP that comes to validate Aadhaar will come to your old number. That is, if you want to complete a process with OTP verification, then you will not be able to do so.

How to update new number in Aadhaar

First you have to go to the Aadhaar Enrollment / Update Center.
After this, the Aadhar card correction form has to be filled.
Fill the mobile number you need to update on this form. Then submit the form.
Then you have to provide your biometrics for authentication.
After this, the executive will give you a reset.
In this reset you will get a request number (URN).
You can check your updation status using URN.
Please tell that after updating the mobile number in Aadhaar, you do not even need to get a new Aadhaar card.
When your new mobile number is registered with Aadhaar, you will start receiving OTP on the same changed mobile number of Aadhaar.
If you want to see the update status of Aadhaar, you can also know by calling the toll-free number 1947 of UIDAI.

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No document will be required to update phone number in Aadhaar
If you want to update your mobile number on your Aadhaar card, then you do not have to present any kind of documents. You just have to fill the Aadhaar update form. In this, you have to enter your existing mobile number. Also, a fee has to be deposited.

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