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If you also do these 10 mistakes then the phone phone can catch fire! know how to avoid

Recently a flight in the US had to be evacuated after a smartphone caught fire. Although the chances of catching fire in a smartphone are very less, but this possibility also depends on how we use our device. Since most smartphones have a battery of 4,500mAh or more power. Along with this, fast charging features are also present, so it is very important to use your phone properly. In most cases, the smartphone brand has claimed it to be the fault of the users. 10 mistakes are being told behind the fire in the phone, which you should avoid…

1- Using your phone even if it is damaged

If your smartphone gets damaged by accidental fall by you, do not use it and get the device checked at a service center immediately. This is because a broken display or body frame can damage the phone’s battery or other parts due to water or sweat. Using a damaged phone can be risky.

2- Using a fake or duplicate charger

Be very careful when using fast charging adapters. Always use the same charger that came with your smartphone. Using a charger with a higher power rating can strain your phone’s battery. Also do not use a duplicate charger.

3- Using third party or fake batteries

Never use third party or fake batteries. Using such batteries can cause serious security issues. A bad lithium-ion battery can cause your phone to overheat, catch fire, and explode.

4- Using your phone even when it’s hot

If you notice that your smartphone is getting unusually hot, put it aside, unplug from charging, and stay away from it.

5- Using a car charging adapter to charge your mobile While driving

use a power bank instead of a car charging adapter. This is because, in India, car owners get the accessories installed from third party vendors, often compromising on the quality of the wiring. When charging with a car charging adapter, the power can suddenly increase, which can cause your phone to catch on fire.

6- Overcharging your phone

Do not leave your phone to charge overnight and it is not always necessary to charge your phone to 100%. It is a good habit to stop charging the battery after 90% as it prolongs the life of the battery. Overcharging expands your phone’s battery, which can lead to battery explosion.

7- Keep the phone away from sunlight while charging

While charging the phone, keep in mind that the heat is not coming from anywhere else on your phone. Therefore, keep it away from direct sunlight or other hot things, especially while it is charging.

8- Putting unnecessary pressure on your smartphone

Do not put unnecessary pressure on your smartphone, especially while charging, do not put anything on it.

9- Charging your smartphone by plugging it to the power strip or extension cord
Using a power strip or extension cord increases the risk of a short circuit, so always keep this in mind while charging the phone.

10- Do not fix the phone with local shopkeepers

Do not get the phone repaired from the local shopkeepers near your house. Always get your smartphone repaired from an authorized service center only. Local shops may not have the right type of equipment to repair a particular device, which can lead to faults in the phone’s circuitry. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Use your discretion regarding their implementation)

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