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If you keep these 9 Android apps in your phone, then your Facebook password will be stolen

There are many such apps on the Google Play Store today that do fraud. A large number of such apps will be found here that can steal users’ data and take the password of Facebook, Twitter or anyone. Although Google removes these apps from time to time, but they put the apps by creating new accounts. Today we will tell some such apps that can steal your Facebook password. And if those apps are still there in your mobile then don’t forget to delete them.

If the below mentioned apps are also installed in your mobile then remove it today or else your Facebook password will be stolen

Below we have told about the 9 Android apps that can steal the login Facebook password in your mobile anytime. Most of these apps have been removed by Google Play Store but some may still be there. And if any of these apps are still in your mobile then you remove them, otherwise your Facebook password can be stolen and misused.

Here are those 9 apps

  1. Horoscope Daily
  2. Processing Photo
  3. App Lock Keep
  4. Rubbish Cleaner
  5. Horoscope Pi
  6. App Lock Manager
  7. Lockit Master
  8. Inwell Fitness
  9. PiP Photo

Thus, we recommend that whenever you download an app from Google Play Store, then you should download the app only from trusted developers, otherwise the cases of cyber attack and cyber fraud are increasing a lot these days. You should also see the rating and review on the Play Store, if the reviews are good then it means the app will be good and if bad then understand that there will be something wrong or some inconveniences in it.

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