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India’s first fever measuring phone launched at just Rs 1049, battery and camera will run for 4 days

In view of the Corona epidemic, itel, the budget smartphone maker, has launched a special mobile phone it2192T Thermo Edition. It is like a feature phone in view, but the most special thing about this phone is its in-built temperature sensor. That is, it measures the user’s fever, and it has become the first mobile phone in the country to come with such a feature. The price of this phone is 1049 rupees. Let’s know the details of its price and features …

This phone of itel has a 4.5cm display. This is a keypad phone. This phone has a text to speech feature, which can be typed by speaking with the help of it. This phone supports 8 Indian languages ​​English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati. Rear camera is also available in the phone for photography. Itel’s new it2192T Thermo Edition has a large 1000mAh battery, which provides up to 4 days of backup on a single charge. Apart from this, features like wireless FM recording, touch mute, auto call recorder, LED flashlight, and pre-loaded games are available in this phone. Itel’s new it2192T Termo Edition mobile phone has an in-built temperature sensor, with the help of which Body temperature can be measured. The thermo sensor is placed next to the camera.

How to check body temperature

To use this feature, the user has to press the thermo button of the phone for a long time. In addition, the palm or finger will have to be placed on the sensor, after which the phone will give information about the body temperature. Explain that the temperature of the body can be measured in Celsius and Foreign Height. Apart from temperature monitoring, calling and messaging can be done with the help of itel it2192T phone.

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