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India’s patriotic song sung by children and soldiers in Russia, Hindustani swelled with pride

Our country India keeps its own identity across the world. You will get to see a small example of this in this video. After seeing that, your face will surely blossom and your chest will widen with pride. Actually this video is of the assembly of a Russian military school, which has been shared by Anupam Kher, who is active on social media.

In this video you can see that in an army school in Russia, all the children are singing patriotic songs with the soldiers by placing their hands on each other’s shoulders. Now the special thing about this song is that it is the Hindi patriotic song of our Bollywood. How many times have you heard it…This song is being sung in the school assembly in Russia. Everyone is singing with a whisper, “Ae watan ae watan humko teri kasam teri raho mein jaan tak luta jaayenge..”.

This video is from the assembly of a school in Russia

How good it feels to think that the song of one’s own country is being sung in another country. That too in the army school there. How much respect our country and our soldiers have in their eyes, it is clear from this. Sharing this video of cadets singing the song Ae Watan from the movie Shaheed, actor Anupam Kher wrote that this song is my favorite patriotic song ever. Thrilled and proud to hear this song being sung by Russian army school cadets as an early morning school assembly prayer. Jai Ho and Jai Hind!

Millions of people have watched this video so far, while fans are giving their feedback in different ways. Those watching this video are showering a lot of love and expressing their love for the country by making hearts. Many people are even posting the tricolor of their country. It is true that a different blood starts running in the veins as soon as you hear a patriotic song. It is felt that our body and mind are ready to sacrifice on the soil of the country, however, if the need arises, we will not back down.

People are feeling proud to see this video. At the same time, a user has written that it is sad to see that some people of our country do not seem to agree with the decision of our army, while in other countries people show so much respect. I don’t know where the youth of this country are going.

It may be a small matter, but the respect that the people of Russia have given to our patriotism is commendable. So what’s the matter of late, you too watch this video and then listen to the whole song, for sure your mind will be happy too. The video which is being liked by the people of the whole world, there is something about the celebrity in our country and in the soil here, which is not our soil. Hail India…

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