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Instagram stories will look like tick-talk videos, new feature will be available

Instagram is currently working on a new feature that will remind users of the tick-talk app.

As an alternative to tick-talk, Instagram had given the ‘reels’ feature to users and now its stories will look like tick-talk feeds.

The TechCrunch report says that Instagram is doing a ‘vertical feed’ test for stories.

The company has said that the feature is being developed but has not yet been released for public.

In this news
  • This change will happen with new updates
  • Developer tweeted
  • Right now prototype is new feature
  • When can we get a new feature?
  • Reels feature launched in 2020


While watching Instagram Stories, users now have to tap or swipe left and right to move to the next story.

After coming in the vertical feed app like Tick-Talk, next stories will be seen when users swipe up and down. A similar interface is given in Instagram reels.

This feature has been discovered by developer Alessandro Paluzzi. He has also shared screenshots of the Instagram ‘vertical feed’ feature from his Twitter handle.

Regarding the new feature, the company said, “It is an early prototype and is not currently being given to the public on Instagram.”

It is visible in the screenshot that users have to swipe up or down to see Instagram stories, as the option is currently available in Instagram reels.

Let me tell you, Instagram reels were included in the app as an alternative to tick-talk and this feature has received very good response from the users.

When can we get a new feature?

If the social media company makes changes related to the ‘vertical feed’ in its stories section, it will be a big update.

It is not clear when Instagram will start beta testing of this feature, or when it will be rolled out to all users.

The swipe up feature that is available to the accounts with more followers now, they can send the users to any link or website. This feature will also have to be changed after the update.
The reels

Reels feature launched in 2020

On Instagram, users get different options to share many videos, from photos to small and big ones.

Options like stories and reels for short videos and IGTV for long videos are given in the app.

In order to bring Tick-Talk users to its platform, the company added a Reels section app with features like Tick-Talk in 2020.

In this, users can upload creative videos of 15 to 30 seconds just like tick-talk.

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