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Instashield: This small device can eliminate all types of bacteria-viruses, is also effective on corona

Since the start of the pandemic, many virus-killing technologies and devices were born. The ultraviolet light-based device was appreciated by all and in much research, it was also confirmed that coronavirus along with all kinds of bacteria and viruses can be eliminated with UV light gadgets.

In the Corona era, many types of UV disinfectants were also launched to make gadgets like mobiles virus free. In this episode, a device named Instashield has been launched which is capable of killing the SARS-CoV virus along with many harmful viruses. This device is also based on UV. Its weight is just 1.71 grams. Let’s know about it….

Instashieldis designed in such a way that you can install it in any room or hall of your home. Instashield can also be installed in schools and offices. This device has been prepared by Hyderabad based company Instashield itself. Instashield has also received certification from CSIR-CCMB. InstaShield has been priced at Rs 14,994 and you can buy it from the company’s website apart from Amazon. InstaShield is claimed to kill up to 99.9% of the virus on surfaces or in the air.

You can plug Instashield into any socket. It is claimed that InstaShield first eliminates the power of all types of viruses of the Corona family and then kills the virus. According to the company, InstaShield releases trillions (1-100 trillion electrons per second) of negative ions, creating an electron cloud in closed spaces. This device takes 5 watts of power.

It has an effective coverage area of ​​5,000 square feet and the device starts working fully within 18 minutes. It is claimed that it is completely safe for humans, although the company has not told what effect it will have on anyone if there is a pet in the house.

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