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Jio sent a message to its more than 40 crore users, do not forget to do such a thing!

Nowadays the case of cybercrime is increasing rapidly, in such a situation, it has become the responsibility of all the telecom companies to ensure the safety of their customers. Therefore, all telecom companies are constantly sending messages to customers, advising them to avoid any kind of cyber fraud. In this episode, Jio also continuously sends messages to its customers and asks them to alert.

Recently, Jio has advised all its customers to avoid any kind of cyber fraud, calls or messages by sending messages. Also, the company has asked not to share its information on any such message or call.

In the message sent by the company, it has been said that customers do not share personal information. In the Jio message sent to the customers, it is written that “Beware of such fake messages in which you have been asked to call a number to update your KYC or to provide free mobile data. Do not call any such number or do not click on the link given in the message. Do not trust any unknown or suspicious messages and do not share your information. Live team ”

Do not mistakenly trust such messages and calls

Let us tell you that these messages giving breathtaking offers and KYC updates can be very dangerous for you. Through these messages and fake KYC, the thugs can collect your information and then you can even empty the bank account. The company says that do not reply to such messages at all and never click on it.

Get rid of unwanted calls and messages like this

If you want to block these fake messages and calls, then you can block them by going to My Jio app. For this, you first login to the My Jio app and tap on the icon in the left corner and open the settings. Select the DND option given here. After doing this, you will receive the message from the company. After this, DND will be activated on your Jio number within 7 days and you will get rid of these unwanted calls and messages.

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