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CES 2021: LG Instaview Refrigerator On knocking the door, it becomes transparent; the robot will sanitize the house; These 6 products will make Life Easy

The world’s largest electronic show ‘CES 2021’ has started on Monday. On the first day, many big companies including LG and Samsung introduced their innovative products. Here we are introducing you about some special products that can make your life easier …


1. Samsung’s robot will clean the house

Samsung introduced JetBot 90 AI + robot. It is a vacuum cleaning robot and works on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It has LIDAR and 3D sensors. With their help, the robot does house mapping. It also has a camera, which monitors the house. The robot remains connected to the app. The place where it comes out for cleaning goes after cleaning. In the US, it will be launched by June. Its price has not been given yet.

2. LG CLOI UV-C Robot: Eliminates Bacteria


Equipped with UV light, this robot protects from infection. It can be used to eliminate bacteria in places like hotel classrooms, gyms, restaurants. Easy mapping function has been used in robots with various types of advanced sensors. Through this it navigates itself. It has a built-in safety lock for automatic shutdown. Also, when any movement is detected, it automatically closes itself.


3 LG Instaview Refrigerator: On knocking the door, The door becomes transparent


It is a side-by-side refrigerator equipped with door-to-door technology. It is painted black. The special thing is that after knocking twice on the black door it becomes transparent. The user can comfortably view the stuff inside without opening the fridge. This refrigerator is equipped with many advanced technologies. Its water dispenser has UV lights, which will clean the nozzle on its own. It collects snow in three ways – cube, crush and round.


4. Lenovo ThinkReality A3 AR Smart Glass: will produce 1080 pixels of video


The glass has a stereoscopic 1080 pixel display. With this, the user can create 5 virtual displays. The company claims that ThinkRequality A3 can be used for a variety of tasks including 3D visualization, customized virtual monitors, AR Assist workflows. It will start selling by the middle of this year in select markets. The company has not made any announcement regarding the price. It has an 8 megapixel camera, which does 1080 pixel video. Also, there is a dual fish-eye camera for room scale tracking.


5. LG Transparent OLED Smart Bed:

Display will come out from user’s command There is a 55-inch OLED display on the other end of the bed, which will exit only when the user gives the command. This will not only analyze the sleeping pattern of the user but will also act as an alarm clock. In this, display functions will be seen just like regular TV. Video-movies can also be seen on it. It has in-built speakers. The company claims that it can be installed anywhere, conveniently.

6. Hyper Screen: Car dashboard will be made full screen

German car company Mercedes has introduced a new ultra-wide hyper screen, which is equivalent to the car’s dashboard. That is, the entire dashboard of the car will be a screen. The special thing is that the screen is equipped with AI capability, which will give the user personal experiences of infotainment, comfort and vehicle function. This screen will first be used in the Mercedes-Benz EQS Electric Limo. This screen will act as a personal assistant for people who drive. At the same time, some experts say that such dashboards will distract the attention of people, which will increase the chances of accident.

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