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Make Your Stuck Android Phone Brand New Without Hitting Factory Reset, Follow These Simple Steps

Almost everyone has an Android phone these days. But if your phone gets stuck then it will not take much time to make your phone new, for this, you just have to follow some easy steps. Let us know, what are those easy steps-

Android Phone Reset

Often you must have felt this, when the memory in your phone is full, your smartphone automatically starts slowing down. To avoid this problem, we start deleting unnecessary data, even then it does not make much difference. To clear all data from our phone, we can also reset the phone to a factory setting. Factory reset is also called ‘formatting’ or ‘hard reset’ but remembers that factory reset destroys all personal details of the smartphone such as photos, videos, files, contacts, and cache. Due to this, we miss many personal and dear things, but now with these steps, you can make your phone new without losing anything.

HOW TO DO! (Steps)

First of all, to reset your phone, go to ‘Settings’ of your mobile, then after going to Settings, scrolling down, you will see the option of ‘Backup And Reset’, click on it and click on Backup And Reset After doing this, tap on the option of ‘Factory Data Reset’. Now click on ‘Reset Device’ at the bottom, and your phone will be reset.

Samsung Phone Reset Steps (Reset will be done differently)

1– Go to the setting of Samsung Phone and tap on Accounts and Backup.

2– Then click on Manage Accounts and click on the entry of Samsung Account search and click on Remove Account.

3-Go to Main Settings Menu. After that click on General Management.

4– Now scroll down and tap on the Reset option at the bottom, after that click on factory data reset

5– Then unlock the phone and click on Delete All.

By following all these easy steps, you can save your phone from getting stuck again and again. And you can make your phone like new again.

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