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More information related to COVID-19 will be available on Facebook, the company made this plan

Facebook on Wednesday expanded its Covid Announcement in India, a tool for states and union territories to share essential coronavirus-related updates for health departments.

The social media platform has partnered with 33 states and union territories in their respective jurisdictions to implement it in India. This will provide health departments with the ability to provide timely, reliable Covid and vaccine information to people in their local communities or state jurisdictions. In this way, states will be able to issue this alert statewide or even in specific cities of the state.

The company said in a statement, “This coronavirus is part of our ongoing efforts to support the work of public health officials to keep people safe and informed during public health crises.”

The company said “When Facebook’s state health department pages are marked as Covid announcements, we increase their reach so that people in the community can see them.”

Facebook said, “We will send information to the people located in the affected area and will also show that information at the Covid Information Center. This will help people to distribute important and immediate updates related to Covid or Covid vaccination efforts. ”

This tool can be used to convey information about existing Covid resources, such as helplines. Along with this, it can also be taken advantage of to get latest updates on the availability of beds in hospitals located in different districts, information about ICU beds and about the beds with oxygen support.

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Also able to provide information about changes to existing coronavirus disease rules and regulations that may affect communities and day-to-day functioning, such as lockdown, night curfew and treatment protocol changes. is.

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It will also make people aware of vaccine eligibility and registration, the logistics of obtaining the vaccine, and provide accurate information about the appropriate behavior of the Covid and preventive behavioral health measures to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

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