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‘MyJio’ app violating Google rules, showing full screen ad

Subscribers get a lot of services from Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecom operator.

These services of the company include apps like Geofiber, Geosavan Music and MyJio.

Now it has been revealed that the company’s MyJio app is showing full screen ads in the users’ device.

Showing such ads affects the users experience, but it is also a violation of Google Play Store rules.

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  • Ads are bothering users
  • Full-screen add seen in Samsung flagship
  • What is triggering ads?
  • What should users do after all?
Ads are bothering users

The XDA Developers report states that the MyJio app on the Android platform is showing full-screen advertising on users’ home screens.

This is in violation of the Google Play Store rules, which have adopted a tough approach towards the apps and third-party ads of other apps.

Google’s ad policy clearly states that annoying and confusing ads should not be shown to the users and only the ads should be visible inside the app.

Full-screen add seen in Samsung flagship

The team of XDA developers appeared on their Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone from the full-screen Ads MyJio app.

Only the MyJio app was present in the device, due to which it was confirmed that these ads popped up due to the MyJio app.

Even after not using the app for several days, some full-screen ads appeared.

In these ads, users have been asked to message on a WhatsApp number and join Geocare.

What is triggering ads?

The report stated that when flight mode was enabled or disabled, the ads appeared in both cases and the device was not plugged and unplugged in the charger. Because of this, it is not clear how full-screen ads were triggered.

What should users do after all?

The report has revealed that the MADME SDK is present in the MyJio app, with full-screen ads being shown on the home screen.

If you are a Reliance Jio user and you are facing this problem, then apart from deleting the app, you can block app permissions.

After the reports surfaced, it is expected that Reliance Jio will soon take action on this and users will stop seeing full-screen ads.

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