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No one will be able to see your photos-videos, just have to do this work on the phone


The process to hide apps on Realme devices is a bit complicated
Some smartphones have the option to hide photos or videos
Currently most of the mobile brands provide the option to hide the phone apps

We all have a lot of personal data on our smartphones that we do not want to share with anyone. But many times we have to give our phone to someone else without any reason, it can be our parents or friends or relatives or loved ones or strangers. Even if your phone is in the hands of your trusted people, you still need to worry, in fact, many people have a habit of looking at the phone from the inside, they can see your photo, etc. You can check your banking details, as well as clone your phone. That’s why you should not give your phone to anyone, nor should you keep your documents like that. If your phone falls into the wrong hands, then it is a danger. For these reasons, many people try to hide their photos, videos or apps. If you are also thinking of doing this, then let me tell you that it can happen. Today we are going to give you information about how to hide apps, photos, and videos on Android smartphones.

How to hide apps in android phones

Currently, most mobile brands provide the option to hide the phone apps. So you don’t need to install or download any third-party app to hide apps. Let us know how you can hide apps on some well-known phones.

OnePlus: Those who have a OnePlus smartphone will have to slide the phone to the right. If you don’t use this space, simply slide out with two fingers on the Home screen to go to the hidden space. After sliding you tap on the plus (+) icon and it will display all the apps on your smartphone on your phone screen. Then select the ones you want to hide and tap on the tick sign icon. After that, you can turn off Hide. If you follow these steps, your app is going to be hidden.

You can also unhide apps in the same process. OnePlus also allows you to set a password in a hidden place so that no one else can access the app in the process. No one will be able to access your hidden apps in this process.

Samsung: Samsung users just need to long-press on the home screen to get more options. Then, tap on “Home Screen Settings” > Hide apps. Now you can choose the apps you want to hide. If you want to remove an app from your hidden apps list, tap on the minus (-) icon next to that specific app. Now, click on the Done option to apply the latest changes.

Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, Poco: If you are a Xiaomi user, then you need to search the phone settings a little better. Simply go to the Settings section of your Android phone and tap Apps > App Lock. Here, you will find a Hidden Apps tab. Now choose the apps you want to hide If you don’t want to hide the app but desperately need privacy, you can lock the apps you need on your Xiaomi phone with a password.

Realme: The process to hide an app on a real device is a bit complicated, but if you know the steps, you can easily hide it. Realme users first go to Settings > Privacy > App encryption > Enter a privacy passcode > Select the apps you want to hide > Enable Hide home screen icon. After that, you need to set the access number for the app. When you set the number, you’ll get a message that says, “Hide home screen icons, don’t show recent tasks, and don’t display notifications.” Type the number.

How to Hide Photos or Videos on Android Phone

You can hide or lock your gallery app to hide phone photos and videos. But if you don’t want that, and you want to hide a select few photos and videos, there are a number of good third party apps in the Play Store that you can install and use. If you cannot find a good gallery hider app, you can install the Gallery app from Inshot. This app has a private section where you can hide apps. Although you will get to see many ads in this app.

Some smartphones have an option to hide photos or videos. For example, OnePlus users will find a “Hide” option every time they open a picture or video in the Galaxy app. To do so, you need to tap on the three-dot button and the app will display the “Hide” feature. As you scroll through the Gallery app, you will see the Hidden Collections section, where you will find all your hidden data. Also, you can make use of the App Lock feature that some smartphones like Realme provide.

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