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No population in such a world, as much as Google’s app

Google’s Video Streaming App YouTube has received 10 billion (1000 crore) downloads at the Google Play Store. It is also shocking that YouTube’s downloads also crossed the world’s total population. Let me tell that at this time the total population of the world is 7.88 billion, that is 788 crores. It is also a matter of view that so many downloads are just Google Play Store, it does not include the Apple App Store.

This is the top 5 app

After YouTube Facebook is the second most downloaded app. It received 7 billion (700 crore) downloads on the Google Play Store. While Facebook’s App and Facebook Messenger on the third and fourth notch are. They have received 6 billion (600 crores) and 5 billion (500 crore) downloads. The fifth app is again instagram owned by Facebook, which received a total of 3 billion (300 crore) downloads.

That’s why Popular App

According to the 9TO5GOOGLE report, youTube is the most downloaded and used apps around the world in the last decade in the last decade, due to the speed of data speed. Along with this, due to the Corona epidemic since 2020, people have also inspired to become the YouTube Creator and show their talent to the people of the world.

Tell that you want cheap phones or expensive, almost all Android devices get installed in the YouTube app. It is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, platform. After having Tiktok Ban in India, YouTube has started the same feature like Tikke to woo more users. Here you can upload and see small videos than a minute. Recently a new tool super thanks were also started. Through this, the creators will be earned.

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