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Do not worry if FASTag deducted more money, Paytm will help you, you will get refund

FASTag News:

Recently, an important decision related to traffic was taken by the central government. The FASTag was recently made mandatory by the central government. In such a situation, it is mandatory to have fastag on your vehicle during traffic on the highway. If your vehicle does not have a fastag then you will be barred from traveling. Because the cash line on the toll plaza has now been scrapped. Many times customers complain of cutting more money than Fastag. In such a situation, you can get back the extra deducted money by complaining about it.

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Paytm Payments Bank getting refund

Many banks and mobile apps have been authorized by the government to take FASTag. In such a situation, many people are also taking Fastag through Paytm. In this case, if more money is deducted from your Fastag account, then Paytm Paytm Payments Bank will give you back those money. Paytm has claimed that it has refunded back to 2.6 lakh customers in such cases.

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No minimum balance required in FASTag

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The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) recently decided to remove the availability of minimum balance from the Fastag account. The authority says that this step is being taken due to the traffic being possible without any interruption. Please tell that before this money was deposited from the cash on toll, due to which many times there was a long jam on the toll, but now due to fastag, the appropriate amount will be automatically deducted from your account through RFID technology.

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