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Now it is necessary to link Aadhaar with IRCTC, otherwise, this obstacle will come

At present, every citizen in India is his Aadhaar card. An aadhaar card is now mandatory from opening an account in the bank to admission in the child’s school. Even if you are going to roam somewhere, then it is needed as an identity card at the time of airport and hotel check-in. And now that Indian Railways has made some major changes in the system of booking tickets, you will also get benefits by linking your IRCTC account, especially when you travel more due to your work.

In fact, Indian Railways, ie Indian Railways, has now started giving permission to passengers to link Aadhaar with their IRCTC account. Any passenger who links it to his account can now book 24 train tickets from his account as before in a month.

Advantage of linking Aadhaar card with IRCTC

For the last week, the Indian Railways made this big change and has increased the limit of booking online train tickets from 12 to 24 from an IRCTC account in a month. But you can book more than 12 or maximum 24 tickets only when you link your Aadhaar card to your IRCTC account. If you also want to link your Aadhaar card, then these are really easy. Let us tell you how to do this.

How to link Aadhaar Card from the IRCTC account

First of all visit the Indian Railways IRCTC website (www.irctc.co.in).
Now log in to your IRCTC account. If the account is not created, first click on 'Register' and register with your name, user name, password, security question (question) and its answers. And then log in now.
Now log in with user name, password and captcha code here.
Now click on 'My Account' and find the option to link 'Link Adhaar' i.e. your Aadhaar card.
Now KYC process will start.
Here you fill all the information written on the basis, such as name, phone number, Aadhaar number etc. and submit.
Now OTP will come on the mobile number you have entered.
As soon as this OTP is filled, this process will end and your base will be linked to your IRCTC account.

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