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Overusing Google Chrome, Beware!

If you use Google Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge, then do not ignore this news. This news is of great use to you. Actually, for the last few days, a scam has started being exploited on Chrome and Edge, which can cause you a lot of damage. In such a situation, you need to be most careful. Cybercriminals are also carrying out this scam in the name of updating it. As soon as you update it, ransomware gets introduced in the device and then misuses your data. So it is better to ignore the incoming message to update Chrome and Edge.

Is it dangerous to update: Reports say, there have been several complaints that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge got Magnibar ransomware in the system after the update. After which hackers have also started blackmailing by stealing data. Experts explain that when Magnibar ransomware enters your system, it activates in the background and encrypts all the files on your system or device. After which you cannot open any file in your laptop, computer or mobile. This is where the real game of hackers starts and they start demanding ransom from you.

What is Magnibar Ransomware: Magnibar is a very dangerous ransomware. It also works by downloading other malware in between browsing. Now, as soon as you opt for Update on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, a browser extension of the .appx type of page gets downloaded to your device. This extension gets activated in the background and your file starts getting corrupted.

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