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Phone will be fully charged in nine minutes, Oppo introduced 240W Flash Charge technology

Chinese tech company Oppo has introduced the most advanced version of its SuperWook fast charging technology at the Mobile World Congress 2022 event. Breaking the record of fastest charging rate, the company has now come up with 240W fast charging rate with SuperWook. Apart from this, the company has introduced 150W SuperWook Flash Charge with Oppo’s Battery Health Engine, which has been made part of the Oppo Find X5 series.

All previous charging speed records broken

The company has described the new technology as the “next big step for the mobile phone industry” and is delivering 240W SuperWook speed, breaking all previous records. With this speed, the device with a 4,500mAh battery capacity can be charged from zero to 100 percent in just nine minutes. At the same time, with 150W SuperWook Flash Charge, the battery can be charged 50 percent in five minutes and full in 15 minutes.

This is how new charging technology works

Regarding the new charging technology, Oppo said that the 240W SuperWook has been designed on Type-C interface with 24V/10A technology. It powers the three charge pumps and converts the power being sent to the handset into 10V/24A. This tech will work with the existing device specifications and has also been tested to safety standards. With this, problems like a battery or device heating have also not been seen.

Additional chip will be available for security

The new battery technology with the best discharge rating will give the hardware support for 240W charging. For safety, it will get a customized chip, which will take care of the voltage, current and temperature of the unit. The second battery chip will take care that the battery is not damaged due to external pressure during use. To prevent overheating, the company has promised 13 temperature sensors in compatible phones.

150W Superwook Tech with Battery Health Engine

Earlier, Oppo was offering 125W Flash Charge technology, which has been upgraded to 150W SuperWook with Battery Health Engine. This direct charging technology will support 20V/7.5A charging with two charge pumps. The same charging technology will also be seen in some OnePlus smartphones in the second quarter of 2022. The company has also integrated Battery Health Engine with this technology for better performance.

What is Battery Health Engine?

Battery Health Engine is the company’s charging speed-supported optimized process, with the help of which the company maintains battery health. With this, 80 percent of Origin’s battery capacity will remain ‘even after 1,600 charge cycles’. This is more than double the current industry standards. The integration of BHE will be seen in mid-range and high-end devices from Oppo and OnePlus. Battery Healing Technology is Oppo’s next effort, which repairs electrodes during battery charge and discharge cycles.

The company also brought Oppo 5G CPT T2 device

Oppo has also brought a new Oppo 5G CPT T2 device with charging technology, which is the successor to the Oppo 5G CPE T1. These devices provide high-speed internet to multiple devices by converting 5G signals into Wi-Fi or LAN network connections.

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