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Smartphones will be able to run without touching, Google is bringing great features

The way you use your smartphone is going to change very soon. According to the report of ANI, Google is working on a special technology nowadays, with the help of which you will be able to use your smartphone without touching it. For this, the user will not even need to give voice commands. With this new technology from Google, users will be able to operate different functions of the phone through facial expressions. With this technology of Google, even disabled users will be easier than ever to use the smartphone.

New feature will be available with Android 12

As of now, in devices working on Google’s Android OS, users can access many functions by giving voice commands. This feature of Google has also improved a lot in the last few years. Now it is believed that Google is preparing to make a major change in its list of features with the Android 12 OS update, so that the smartphone experience of the users can be made better than before.

You can control these functions

XDA Developers says that the upcoming Camera Switch feature in the Android Accessibility Suite app will now offer gesture settings for some controls. Possible gestures that can be found in this may include laughing, opening the mouth, looking right or left. Along with this, gesture controls can also be found in Google’s update to go to the homepage, scroll backward or forward and select options. In the app, users will also get the option to set the size of the gesture and its duration.

Stable update may roll out soon

According to the report of The Verge, for this new feature, the smartphone’s camera will have to be kept on. Devices running Android 12 will display a standing bar indicating that the phone’s camera is in use. This feature will also use the phone’s battery. The company is rolling out this feature in the beta version. It is expected that in the coming days its stable version will also be rolled out for global users.

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