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Snapchat launched a special feature, now you will not be able to forget any friend’s birthday

Snapchat has introduced a new feature called Birthdays Mini feature. Through this feature, users will be able to easily keep an eye on the birthdays of all their friends. Through this new feature, users will also be able to receive birthday messages and personal greetings from their friends.

Snapchat, a platform that posts photos and videos in an attractive way, will show users which friend’s birthday is coming up recently through its Birthday Mini feature. The birthday list will be shown in a separate tab. With the help of this feature, users can keep an eye on the birthdays of friends as well as countdown their own birthdays.

Those users who want to mention their birthday in Snapchat profile, then their birthday will also appear in the list of birthday mini feature. Giving information about this feature, Snapchat has said that they will not show the birth year and age of their users to anyone.

“We have launched Birthday Mini to make it fun, easy to remember and celebrate the birthdays of your Snapchat friends,” the company said in a statement. You can enjoy personalized greetings and birthday messages from your friends right inside Snapchat.’

This new feature is available on the social media app for both Android and iOS users from September 9. Snapchat says users around the world can use the feature and it can be found behind the rocket icon in chats. It can also be accessed through the search bar in the application.

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