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Facebook Feature Update: These features will be closed on Facebook, users will not be able to use it after May 31

Many useful features are going to be closed on the worldwide famous social media platform Facebook from May 31 and users will no longer be able to use them. It has been informed by Facebook that soon many usage features will be discontinued along with the Near Friends feature. It

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Facebook launches Digital and Startup Training program in India

Facebook is going to stop its special service next month, the company disclosed

Social media platform Facebook is going to shut down its podcast platform next month. It is being discontinued less than a year after its launch as the company 're-evaluates' its audio offerings in the rapidly changing world of technology The Verge reported in a report on Tuesday that the company is

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Meta cracked down on over 14.8 million objectionable content in India in January

In the month of January, Meta (formerly Facebook) removed more than 11.6 million content across 13 policies for Facebook and 3.2 million across 12 policies for Instagram. The company has given this information on Tuesday. Between January 1-31, META received 911 reports through the Indian Grievances Mechanism, and responded to

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Year Ender 2021: What changes happened in WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, know here

From crypto to the Olympics, there was a lot of discussion on internet media forums like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp this year. Statistics from Statista show that there were 3.78 billion media users worldwide in 2021. With its growing user base, Internet Media is striving to make its platform

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Phhhoto app filed suit against Meta, accused of copying this special feature

A photo app on Facebook has been accused of allegedly copying its features for Instagram. An Instagram competitor has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Meta (formerly known as Facebook) for cloning its feature and sabotaging the competition. This is not the first antitrust case against Facebook. The social media company

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New trouble for Facebook, company accused of stealing Meta name, may be legal action

The social media platform Facebook has recently changed its name to Meta. But now it is alleged that Facebook has stolen the name Meta. According to the Chicago-based tech firm, the name of his company is Meta, which Facebook tried to buy. However, when Facebook failed to buy the company,

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